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CSC Funk Band - Above The Starrs LP

by Electric Cowbell


Artist: CSC Funk Band
Title: Above The Starrs
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

CSC Funk Band's live instrumental ode to the legendary Gang Starr & Primo's unmistakeable beats. In the vein of the recent-era reworking of Nas' Illmatic by Detroit's Will Sessions, this sampling of Gang Starr's huge catalog moves beyond the literal reinterpretation - and that's where CSC is at their best. Take note on their expansion of the original Mood Indigo funkiness of Just To Get A Rep or the brassy bliss of Cesar Frazier's funky theme (Former Fiancé).

A1 : Above The Starrs
A2 : A Little Weight
A3 : Wing Clip
A4 : Western Mass Appeal
A5 : Former Fiance

B1 : A Little Planet
B2 : Just To Get A Sip
B3 : A Little Work
B4 : New York Straight Jacket
B5 : A Little Personal