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Lord Echo - Curiosities LP

by Bastard Jazz

$15.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Lord Echo
Title: Curiosities
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

New Zealand's Lord Echo has arrived with his much-anticipated sophomore album entitled Curiosities. Following on the heels on his wonderfully received Melodies debut a few years back, Curiosities invokes a similar meditation on different styles, grooves and feelings. Don't try to pigeon hole this release to any particular genre. An advanced listen will pinpoint a world of different inspirations and influences throughout. But it's pretty clear that this record is a beautiful example of original music (save for the Pharaoh Sanders cover) and fantastic production technique. Believe that.

A1 : Endless Dawn
A2 : Bohemian Idol
A3 : Digital Haircut
A4 : Street Knowledge
A5 : Molten Lava

B1 : Put It In My Head
B2 : The Creator Has A Master Plan
B3 : Ghost Hands
B4 : What Is The Feeling
B5 : Arabesque